Fred Giovannitti Ink and Energy Tattooing Delaware Best Private Tattoo studio

Contact Information

Ink and Energy Tattooing is now accepting walk ins at our new location in Lewes.


To submit a project idea online, please use this form HERE

Shop Rates:

- Walk ins $100 minimum - individual prices vary

- Ask about our group discounts!


Fred Giovannitti’s rates are as follows (once a project proposal is accepted):

- Session fee: $150 per hour with a 3 hour minimum per session. 5 hour max. (New clients are limited to a maximum of one session every 2 weeks)

Project proposals for Fred Giovannitti can be made by filling out his personal New Client Application Form HERE.




Tues-Wed 11am-7pm

Thurs-Sat 1pm-9pm

17298 Coastal Highway Unit 2, Lewes, Delaware 19958

Phone: 1-302-827-7546